We all have busy lives and more often than not, we live our lives the way we think we are expected to. The roles we ‘play’ are often determined by others and external circumstances. We accept them without questioning if this is really what we want.

Our question is:

  • Is this way the way you want things to truly be?
  • Do you want things to change and start directing your life yourself?

Picture this:

  • How would it feel if you have a life that feels good from within?
  • What needs to come through for you to thrive on your own terms?
  • What would you do differently  if you knew that everything is possible?

’Within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle and transform into the Brightest, Strongest Version of you Ever’

Everything is possible:

We believe that every one of us is able to achieve his or her goals. In fact, we KNOW everything is possible. Without getting stuck and it is easier than you think.

With this knowledge in mind we decided to create this Masterclass. To help you to break with your hidden obstacles and tap into your strengths to design the life you want. Free of unnecessary ballast weighing you down:

  • Turning your dreams and wishes into reality.
  • Living the life you desire for yourself and family.
  • Knowing how to change your reality at any given time in an easy and safe way.
  • Being able to deal with change with your boat intact no matter the circumstances.

Our Powerful Formula:

We, Omozua Isiramen and Karen van Hout, both certified and experienced coaches and trainers created this unique Masterclass as the missing link to achieving your goals.

We combined Systemic and Neuroscience Coaching, both rooted in science and proven as very effective approaches.

With this powerful formula we take you on a journey from dream to reality with actionable steps and a plan you can use easily and at any time you want.

A Sneak Preview of the day:

  • A unique and real-time experience of overcoming your inner barriers
  • Unleashing and knowing exactly what to do next –  with head and heart
  • Life-time knowledge and actionable tools
  • Small and safe group
  • A great location with lunch and drinks
  • Leave with courage, self-awareness and a sustainable plan
  • An empowering ‘Brain Walk’

Free follow up:

You are not left alone. We have your back so you can be sure to take the steps needed to direct your life on your terms.  

In addition we offer you a Free private ‘Pre-Meeting’

Upon completion of the Masterclass you will be granted a personalized Certificate of Completion.

‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves’

– William Shakespeare

If any of this resonates with you, you can’t miss this Masterclass.
This is your missing link so take the first step and sign up.

Useful information:

When: Saturday 28th September
Time: 10.00 – 17.00 hours
Where: House 17, 17 rue du Nord, Luxembourg

Investment in yourself: 

Original price 997 Euro ex 3% VAT, 
Special End of Summer Offer: First-and-one-time-only 20% discount: 747,75 Euro ex 3%VAT

Tickets are available via ‘Eventbrite’ but if you would like to save yourself the corresponding fee, feel free to send me an email via karen@of-wood.com

Some client reactions:

  • My obstacles became very clear and now know how to tackle them
  • I heard that little nagging repeating voice and now know how to deal with that
  • I immediately felt the result of my action
  • I see where I am going and know exactly what to do next
  • This was very insightful, I now know with head and heart.
Omozua Isiramen and Karen van Hout

Maximum number of participants: 6. Price includes drinks, lunch and a follow up session 9th October – for participants only. ( 19.00-22.00 hours) Registration is completed after payment.