Karen van Hout

My name is Karen van Hout, The Systemic Neuro-Agility Trainer.

I am an Academic and multi-certified Systemic and Neuro-Agility Counsellor, Coach and Trainer. Master Practitioner and Lead Master Trainer for Neuro-Agility and Emotional Intelligence, with working experience in operational, therapeutic, coaching and managerial roles in the healthcare and financial sectors. I have worked and work with international teams and corporates to guide their talents to gain more clarity, productivity, passion and presence.

I deeply believe we can do everything we truly want. I always joke I am living proof of this and despite it is a joke, there is truth in this.

  • We are not born with skills but we all are capable of unleashing and developing them.
  • We don’t alway know how to solve our issues but we are capable of unravel the knots , finding the solutions that work best for us.

My mission is to create a world in which you can thrive in life, work and business. Where everyone can be more of themselves and achieve more of what they want. Resilient and Future-Ready!

Often we try to do everything ourselves, afraid of asking for help, but since we also don’t build our own houses ourselves, grow our own vegetables, bake our now bread, I encourage to use the services experts offer when needed.

With the combination of my over-22 years of EXPERIENCE, the DEEP IMPACT of the Systemic Approach and insights from the Neuroscience field, The 3-to-5 BrainSystemCode™ , using the Brain as your unique point of departure for success I am happy to be at service to you.

* OF WOOD is partner of the The Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group, the authorized Strategic Business Partner of Neuro-Link International, Inc. and Neuro Link Europe and Sole Provider of the Neuro Agility Profile, Certification practitioners NAP™ Assessments,
The 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™, the Brain-Based Emotional Intelligence ‘High Achiever’ Program™ and accredited ‘High Achiever’ Practitioner Training in the Benelux and Germany.

Meet the team here

✤ Co-Developer of The 3-to-5 BrainSystem Code™
✤ Founder of OF WOOD for Girls
✤ Member of the Amcham (Luxembourg) Entrepreneur Committee
✤ Co-author of the Book: How to survive the Turkey – and other family gatherings ( A coaching book for less stress and better relationships)