‘You cannot improve what you haven’t identified and understood’  

– Karen van Hout & Omozua Isiramen

As a team and corporation: what would your outcomes look like if you had the key to navigating limitations and obstacles and achieve your set goals with ease?

As an individual: how would being able to identify the things holding you back from achieving your goals change the way you operate personally and professionally?

I would be happy to be at service to you to improve communication, relationships and collaboration, higher performance and resilience as sustainable results from within:

I help my clients to ‘Out Learn- Out Think and Out Create’:

~ to take up their (leadership) role confidentially and position appropriately
~ to unleash their full potential 
~ to understand team dynamics and how to respond to this
~ to improve human relationships, joy and motivation at work
~ to restore work-life balance

The systemic approach accelerates the development of the individual, team and organizations, understanding that they are part of a whole. Taking the Brain as point of departure means an accurate measurement of what was, can be and is.

OF WOOD offers:
✤ 1:1 Coaching, Counselling & Training
✤ Team Coaching, Counselling and Training
✤ Workshops, Masterclasses 
✤ Tandem-talks 
✤ Systemic Neuro-Agility Leadership Program 
✤ High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Program™ 

Self-study program:
✤ Brain Booster Program

We have realised that the diagnosis instrument NAP™ and the 360-degree EI Assessment™ are ‘MUST HAVES’, as these tools eliminates any guesswork, provides an accurate starting point to approach any effective change measures.  

Our observation is, while using these tools and knowledge we have, that after conducting individual or group debriefing, the power lies in the moment clients have their light-bulb moment. 

The point where they see things falling in place, making sense, on an individual and group level. 

Diagnostic instruments: 
✤ Neuro Agility Profile™ Assessments 
✤ 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ 
✤ i4 360° Neuro Leadership Assessment

OF WOOD is partner of the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group Luxembourg. As Neuro-link’s Country Partner and Sole provider of the Neuro Agility Profile™ Assessments and Practitioner Training in The Benelux and Germany we provide these training for companies as well:

Practitioner Training:
✤ Neuro Agility Profile™ Practitioner Training
✤ High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Program™ Practitioner Training