In this demanding, fast-paced and ever changing business environment, we are all busy facing our work demands and lives. More often than not, we live our lives the way we think we are expected to. The roles we ‘play’ in life and at work are often determined by others and external circumstances.

We accept them without questioning if this is really what we want. We don’t always take time to figure out our position, our own direction, the hidden roles we could play and showcase our talents with, if we explored further.

Our question is:

  • Is  this the way you want things to truly be for your employees- the ambassadors of your company?
  • Do you want things to change for your team and organisation?
  • Do you want your employees to fully unleash their talents in a brain-friendly and future-ready way for the results you want to achieve as a team or whole organisation?
  • As a leader, manager, executive, would you like a more effective and sustainable approach when you operate and interact with others?

Imagine the following:

  • Your employees or team members thrive in their work, give their best to the company mission and experience a life that feels good from within.
  • Your employees operate with a ‘everything is possible’ mindset.
  • You, as a leader, are resilient, able to deal with change and fully prepared with proven strategies for whatever comes next.

What impact would this have on your results and the future of your business!

Everything is possible:

We, Omozua Isiramen and Karen van Hout, believe, in fact we KNOW, everything is possible to deal with change in your teams among your employees for your overall success. Without getting stuck and it is way easier than you think.

With this knowledge in mind we decided to combine our forces. To help you, your team and organisation, to break with hidden obstacles and tap into your strengths to design the results you want. Free of unnecessary ballast weighing down your decision-making, strategizing and risk assessment processes, among other things.

  • Turning challenging processes into easy step-by-step approaches.
  • Having the team and organisation goals in reach.
  • Knowing how to re-direct the current reality of your company at any given time in an easy and safe way.
  • Being able to deal with change and the daily business demands, no matter the circumstances, with all your members on-board.
Karen van Hout

Our Powerful Formula:

We, Omozua Isiramen and Karen van Hout, both certified and experienced coaches and trainers, combined Systemic and Neuroscience Coaching, both rooted in science and proven as very effective approaches. This powerful formula is a unique combination for helping individuals, teams and organisations as the missing link to achieving your goals.

With this approach we take you, your team and organisation on a journey from dream to reality with actionable steps and a plan you can draw from and use easily, at any time you want.

Aspects of you, your team or company we address:

  • HR management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Personal coaching, counselling and training
  • Emotional Mastery and mindset training
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership development
  • Organisation development
  • Emotional Intelligence and stress management
  • Masterclasses: Everything is Possible
  • Success Retreats ( for companies): Systemic Neuroscience Mastermind for entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Leading from within; workshops, speaking, training and programs

Follow up:

It is one thing to know what to do, to transition from dream to reality
but to actually take the necessary steps is quite another thing.

We don’t leave you alone to deal with things. We have your back and support you as you take the steps needed to direct yourself, your team and company on the journey of change. 

‘It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves’

– William Shakespeare

Omozua Isiramen and Karen van Hout

Who are we:

Karen van Hout (Systemic Coach, Counsellor and Trainer) is the founder of OF WOOD Sarls. She is an Academic certified coach, counsellor and trainer with experience in operational, therapeutic, coaching and managerial roles in healthcare and the financial sector. She works with Growing companies, rising female professionals and their teams.

Omozua Ameze Isiramen, Neurocoach and trainer, is the founder of Coaching with Omozua (CWO) . She is certified Life, Emotional Mastery and John Mattone Executive Intelligent Leadership coach and trainer with experience in operational, coaching and managerial roles and works with Executives, senior level professionals and entrepreneurs from different fields.