Discover “that you don’t know’ during a systemic constellation event by OF WOOD

Sound familiar?
Sometimes you realize ‘something is going on’ but you can’t put your finger on it. For example:

  • Although you really want a serious relationship, you constantly seem to attract non-relationship material. Why?
  • You love your children, but sometimes they bring out the worst in you. You would like to respond differently but for one reason or another you have no control over your behavior. What can you do?
  • You have a great life, but that little voice of guilt is always nagging you. How did that happen?
  • You are busy – too busy – and you long for a better work-life balance. How do you reach the desired balance?

You have tried everything.
No matter how many self-help books you have read, or how much you have talked about it, it does not get any better. It seems as if something invisible constantly draws you back. You feel like going round in circles, all to no avail. Do you recognize this?

Here’s the solution.
With systemic constellations you can make the invisible visible and interrupt the vicious circle.

Insights into the disturbance arise, allowing the solution to surface. Consequently it will be clear to you how you can rewrite your script so you can move in the direction you desire.

Do you have a question you want to elaborate on? Or would you just like to experience a constellation? The next opportunity will be in fall 2019

Are you interested? Let us know via the contactform
Maximum number of participants: 10

Investment in yourself:
=> Have your questions elaborated on (Questioner) – 90 Euros ex 3% TVA (Price includes a phone call for preparation, and a phone call for reviewing the outcome)
=> Help a Questioner to get the desired insights (Representative) – 22.50 Euros ex 3% TVA

Buy your tickets via the contactform.

How does it work?
A constellation is done in a group.
A group consists of Questioners and Representatives.

Questioner: With the help of the group a chosen issue/question will be portrayed step by step.
What is the benefit for a Representative? When you are a representative, you will most certainly witness an impressive experience. Most likely you will be able to associate with some topics, and gaining clarity regarding one’s own (unconscious) questions is not uncommon.

This event is offered by Karen van Hout, Systemic Coach/Counsellor and Trainer         mobile: +352-691 644150

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