The buzz in the audience grows quiet. An anticipating ambiance fills the air. The curtains slide open.
The lights go on. There you are. You’re on the stage of your life.

You feel the floor under your feet. The heat of the lights on your face.
When your eyes are done adjusting to the light, you can see a glimpse of the audience.

How do you feel? Would you like to close the curtains and hide?
Or are you comfortable in the spotlights?

You look and walk around, and you see your co-performers.
Your family. Your friends all gathered together. Your colleagues, work.
Everyone and everything in your life presents itself.

How is your interaction with your co-performers? Which roles do you play?
Which roles do fit you the most? Which roles don’t? With whom do you feel most comfortable?

Do you act like you should? Or like you truly are?

The prompter demands your attention and whispers your text. You look at him.
Do you listen? Or do you have your own lines?

You can see the choices, which you resemble. They’re looking at you, one by one.
They yell: pick me! pick me! Reasons not to pick them are so clear and evident.
Reasons to pick them as well.
Factors apply even more pressure.

Do you recognize this? Or partially?


On which scene would YOU like to shed a light?

  • Do you feel directed by others and do you want to be the director of your life yourself again?
  • Would you like to understand and solve the situations in which you find yourself?
  • Would you like the roles you fulfill, form more to your wishes?
  • Would you like discover and solve old unhelpful patterns?
  • Do you want to find out what you really want?


 What would it mean to you

– If you would have insight into your problem?
– If you would have discovered and tackled your blocking patterns?
– If you would be able to organize your life the way you want it?
– If you would have an easy road map to follow?
– If you would be the director of your life, instead of being directed?

– If you could reach all this in just ONE DAY? 

Don’t wait. Act now. Grant yourself 1 day in the spotlights.

Save yourself a lot of trouble, time and hassle and book a day intensive coaching you’ll never forget.


After this day:

 You WILL know how, when, where and what to do and be ready to take on your life, 

  • You WILL have insight into your problem/question.
  • You HAVE discovered and tackled blocking patterns
  • You ARE able to organize your life the way you want it
  • You GO home with a road map and
  • you WILL BE READY to go forwards.

Being the director of your own play. 


Contact me now for a day you will never forget.


This day is all about YOU!

  • You and me will meet before the day will be definitely planned
  • The program will be adjusted to your coaching- question and – wishes.
  • The day itself you will be received on a super nice location,
  • with privacy to have an all-day coaching just for you,
  • Exquisite food and beverages.

The result will be captured with a PHOTOSHOOT,
you will receive a nice photo as a reminder.

Time: 10.00-17.00 hours
Location: to be determined
Investment in yourself is €1997  all in plus a privat session before and afterwards (ex 17% VAT)


I want this too! 


Coaching offered by Karen van Hout from OF WOOD,
The agency for systemic coaching, counselling, and training for Female Professionals