How do you benefit from coaching your female professionals?

  • Did you know that companies with multiple women in professional or leadership roles generally perform better overall?
  • Do you employ high potential female professionals who struggle to maximize their true talent and potential?

Helping your female employees gain clarity and direction will help them overcome issues like the following:

  • Feeling they have to work harder than their male colleagues
  • Needing a better work-life balance
  • Being successful but still feeling guilty
  • Feeling forced into a role that doesn’t suit them or which they don’t feel confident about

So they can easily unleash their full potential, enabling your company to benefit fully from their talents and peak performance.

What does OF WOOD do for you?

Job satisfaction will increase your employee retention rate. Salary, retirement plans and vacation benefits are not sufficient enough for the long haul. Development is. In addition individuals who are both personally and professionally well developed achieve the most and best:

Advantages Personal Development

  • Organizations that invest in personal development achieve higher levels of engagement, communication and co-operation.
  • Personal Development investment results into an enriched work environment, leading to less absenteeism and higher job satisfaction.

Advantages Professional Development

  • Professional Development investments results in better working related results.
  • Improving relationships results in smoother cooperation.
  • Employees, in- and external clients are more satisfied.


Several studies* support OF WOOD’s experience that leveraging the talents of female 
employees also provides your company with a Competitive Advantage;
  • Employees in diverse and inclusive teams put in more effort, stay longer, and demonstrate more commitment.
  • Companies that have been successful in retaining talented women are significantly better at retaining talented men as well.


I help my clients to:

~ take up their (leadership) role confidentially and position appropriately
~ understand and know how to counteract gender bias and stereotypes
~ understand team dynamics and how to respond to this
~ improve human relationships, joy and motivation at work
~ restore work-life balance

If you are looking for these results for yourselves, your team or team member, let’s talk:
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I’d would love to help you to improve your performance.

Who is OF WOOD:

Karen van Hout (Coach, Counsellor and Trainer) is the founder of OF WOOD. She is an Academic certified coach, counsellor and Trainer with experience in operational, therapeutic, coaching and managerial roles in healthcare and the financial sector.

Respectful, inventive and goal oriented with compassion for her coachees and passion for the profession.

For more information, check the page About OF WOOD

 ‘Because the situation is visualized it won’t be forgotten’

Why focus on passionate female professionals (and their teams):

It’s my experience that women, with just a little bit of help, can easily achieve living their full potential. Contrary to common belief, men and women are equally ambitious, but it still remains difficult for women to achieve their ambitions.

Among other reasons this is caused by women’s own obstacles, e.g. most men and women seek top executive positions but only 25% of women believe it is likely they will reach their goal. (vs. 42% men).

To change the numbers, gender bias and stereotypes have to be understood and counteracted. Although OF WOOD coaches both men and women, the latter is closest to OF WOOD’s own personality and passion.

‘I gained insight to my situation in a surprising way’.

What’s unique to my approach?

The uniqueness of my approach is the systemic approach. This is innovative, focused, effective and solution-oriented. It takes relatively little time to achieve the desired results and perceived as very enjoyable.

Systemic Work means Learning through Experience

Working systemically is valuable because it goes beyond the spoken words. Together we will discover what lies beneath the question. This way, whatever is going on beneath the surface -often times tangible but not nameable- becomes available, bringing the solution quickly within reach in a sustainable way.

Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I will understand.
– Confucius

‘I experienced this as a very effective and goal oriented way of working’

Clients about OF WOOD

Personal Development:

Topic: Work / Life balance
‘Karen helped me to gain a more balanced and constructive view of my work related stress by encouraging me to find solutions to reduce the negative factors, but also to relativize and de-dramatize certain anxieties. She is a professional ‘listening partner’ who allowed me to verbalize some problems with discreet, yet well judged comments, which led me to constructing solutions for myself.’
Result: less stress, less sick-leave

Professional Development:

Topic: Communication
‘Karen had very helpful ways to help me categorize the hurdles I had in front of me, and to put them into perspective. This gave me confidence. She allowed me to conquer aspects of the process in a more logical and active way. I was able to move forward with planning and organizing after this.’
Result:  a great presentation with clear focus, time sheet and (team)results.

‘You know it’s about your but because you look at it from a distance it’s easier.’

Please feel free to read more client experiences and contact me for more information.

You can contact me via the contact form or my mobile: +352-691644150

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*Mc Kinsey & Company