Most of us have the urge to focus to the thing that keeps us busy. This way we can miss more important things.


OF WOOD invites you to do the opposite, by zooming out.


By just moving away from the scene and to be a conscious observer of your own play. Your life.
To calmly obtain an overview and gain the insights needed to become the director in your own life.

Which scene asks for your attention?

As a systemic coach counsellor, OF WOOD doesn’t just look at you as individual.
OF WOOD also takes a look to the context, the system you’re in.

A system can be a family, group of friends, the department where you work, company etc. Involving the environment of your question results in a quick overview. This helps you to get the needed insights in an effective way.

One of the characteristics of systemic coaching and counselling is visualizing the situation (by for example, constellations). Wherefore OF  WOOD hands you several tools to choose from. So you can do this in a way most appropriate for you. You’re literally just on the stands. Looking at the stage where you build the scene.

In this way, the dynamics in a system can present themselves. Insight can be obtained where you can build on. Patterns, relationships, logical causes and effects become clear. Same for the actions for you to take.
This action plan we work out together. Me functioning as your external soundboard.



This way OF WOOD’s clients learn to:

~ take up their (leadership) role confident and position appropriately
~ understand and know how to counteract gender bias and stereotypes
~ understand team dynamics and how to respond to this
~ improve human relationships, joy and motivation at work

Feeling confident, acknowledged and contributing to a greater good.



Reactions of clients:

  • I gained insight to my situation in a surprising way.
  • The arrangements and associated insights left a deep impression and still continue.
  • Because the situation is visualized it won’t be forgotten.
  • I experienced this as a very effective and goal oriented way of working
  • You know it’s about your but because you look at it from a distance its more easy.



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