Do you know that feeling?
When ‘something’ is going on but you cannot put your finger on it?
Something that bothers you but at the same time cannot be explained in words?

When you respond to a colleague in an inappropriate way?
You do not know where it comes from but you cannot resist it.
The person in question just evokes this reaction out of you.

You have a job but you are constantly busy with other things that demand your attention.
It seems as if you have two jobs.

Its there but you cannot reach it
Achieving goals, love, relationships, you cannot make it happen no matter how hard you try.
No matter how many books you read, no matter how much you talk about it.
You cannot put your finger on it.

Do you know that feeling? Or do you recognize one of the aforementioned issues?
Maybe you can even think of something else yourself?

The Systemic Approach
By working systemically the invisible – ‘that what you do not know yet’ – becomes visible. Instead of focusing on something, you zoom out. You look at the different elements that are in some way linked to your question. Connections, patterns, and relationships between these elements.

Discover ‘that what you don’t know’
I enjoy it. Researching and discovering. Especially the invisible things. Finding your inner treasure. I believe in the potential of all of us. The only thing that prevents us from realizing our potential is that we do not always know what we are capable of. Or what we need. Which resources we need. And what we want.

How can you discover these things?

  • Create a bigger picture, zoom out, “become a spectator of your own play”
  • Spectate the play of your life, what is happening?
  • Look at your fellow players and the other factors that are connected to your question.
  • Let it present itself, let it happen.
  • What do you see? What do you feel? What do you see occurring?
  • Change something and play with it, what happens next?

And then:
What follows is an insight into the disturbing factors, and simultaneously it becomes clear what you can do to rewrite your “script” so that it becomes “right” again. The opportunities suddenly start coming around, resulting in clarity and the goals becoming in sight.

To your SUCCESS!

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