What question is keeping you occupied?
How would it be if you live the life you want for yourself? If not others but YOU would be in control?

What would it be like if you
– would be able to make that desired change to live the life you want?
– know how to find out by yourself what you can do to make things better?

This is possible after this ‘
Do It Yourself’ Systemic Workshop series 

What is it:
The Systemic workshop series has been developed to make you become acquainted with systemic work 
AND to get the insights you need to ‘direct your own play’.

In this mix of coaching and workshops OF WOOD offers you 4 different actionable tools which you can use yourself any time you need.
By actively working, you experience and gain new insights in a surprising way that answers the questions that concern you.

  • As you will receive coaching you will find your answers to your current question.
  • The ‘do it yourself’ formula provides you with a knowledge, useful tips and tools for life.  


After this Do-It-Yourself-Workshop series you will:
– have answers to your questions and know what to do to have the life you desire
– know which tool works best for you and how to work with it
– be able to make choices in an easier way
– have tools and knowledge for life.

This workshop series is conducted in a setting of min 4 to a maximum of 6 people.

In this way all participants get all the attention and opportunity to get the maximum out of it for themselves.

Gatherings will be scheduled on Wednesday evenings from 20.00-22.00 hours.
Dates will be determined and confirmed once the minimum of 4 participants is reached.


For an  investment of  only 149 Euro per month ex. VAT  you get the following:
– 4  Sessions of 2-2.5 hours over 4 months.
– back up support from OF WOOD when needed between sessions
– 1 session with a live systemic constellation to which you can invite a friend.
– one 30 minute private session to consolidate the learning


Do I have to sign up right now?
Not yet,  you are kindly invited to the introduction event at…………..
The investment in yourself is  27,50 euro ex VAT

During this event you will receive an introduction into systemic work and what it can do for you.
You will have the opportunity to ask your questions before deciding if  this workshop series is for you.

Address: Centre Luxembourg 




What other people said about working with us: 
‘This has been a very special day with the workshop Systemic Tasting! Thanks to the professional guidance of Karen I experienced a lot and gained many useful insights. The whole experience was very exciting, fun and comforting. I discovered something that I wasn’t aware I carried with me. This casts a different light on my own system and part of myself. Very happy with the result!!’

‘I met Karen as workshop leader as a very kind and professional woman who felt the need of the group, showing respect and intuition in the interaction. The use of a great metaphor made the participants look at their own roles in life. Karen works with calmness, love and radiates a lot of confidence through her work.’

‘Thank you Karen, today I had a beautiful workshop ‘a taste of systemic work’.

‘Karen helped me to gain a more balance and constructive view of my work related stress by encouraging me to find solutions to reducing the negative factors, but also to put into perspective and de-dramatise certain anxieties. She is a professional “listening partner” who allowed me to verbalise some problems with discreet, yet well judged comments, which led me to constructing solutions for myself.’

Would you like to read more, please follow this link.