Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond for you.
Because you’re worth it!

Do you recognize this?

  • You aspire to take the next step towards the top, but do not know how.
  • You notice that you, sometimes, overreact or don’t react when you really would like to.
  • You feel forced into a role that doesn’t fit you or doesn’t bring you anything.
  • You are aware of some miscommunication, but don’t understand it.
  • You wonder what’s going on in your team.
  • You’re successful, yet there’s always that gnawing guilt showing its ugly face.

What would it mean to you if

  • You know how to stay true to yourself and get what you want?
  • You know how to get that desired position?
  • You understand the different ways of communicating and can respond to this?
  • You know how to position yourself appropriately relative to the team and organization?
  • You know (recognize) your boundaries and protect them without feelings of guilt?
  • You recognize your own roles and patterns, knowing how to bend them to serve you?
  • Know how to handle challenges in a more easy way?

Sounds great, right?

Karen is a great professional as Coach & Counsellor. Meaningful, workshops and well-driven coaching sessions. A highly motivating methodology to learn about yourselves discovering your own weaknesses and qualities to grow every day. Thanks Karen!’ 

You’re in control:

Because not every situation is the same OF WOOD created 4 different programs just for you. These programs are expandable and can be done, if needed or desired, (partially) online. So, there is always a program which fits you.

All 4 programs:

  • Are expandable with a systemic constellation*.
  • Contain a ‘goodies bag’.
  • Can be done on-line.
  • Are tailor-made.
  • Are made for reaching your desired result.
  • Can be done in Dutch and English.

*Systemic constellations can be done in a group or in a 1 to 1 setting. It’s a fun and effective way to gain the insights you need. For more information about the constellations, please visit “Discover what you don’t know yet’.

What do you aim for?

It’s a fact the longer we work together, the greater your results will be. The choice of program will depend of the goal that you’ve set:

  • Do you want to work on your professional and / or personal development?
  • Do you have a small or big question?
  • How far are you willing to go?
  • Is the solution on the surface or do we have to dive deeper?

After figuring this out, you are able to choose the program best suited to you.

Whatever the program you choose, you can always count on the full support of OF WOOD: Respectful, inventive and goal oriented with compassion for you and passion for the profession.

‘Karen sees the client very well. She is able to step back and formulate, to then decide on interventions and process. She deals well with the content, keeps focused on the goal and the bigger picture. She uses different techniques/interventions very well, good pace and appropriately. She is a well prepared and strong counsellor.’

Your GOAL:

– There is ‘something’ going on, but you don’t know what it is:

There is something lurking, but you can’t define it. You’re not able to envision what’s bothering you. Or what it is you truly want.Clarity in the above is already a huge relief. OF WOOD helps you to map your question. After that it’s up to you whether this is enough or something to continue on.

– You have a clear goal. Do you want:

  • A small route in which you get clarity into your question?
  • Start working and achieve the set target?
  • Or do you stick with the gained insight in understanding your question and an action plan?

You decide what you will handle and how far you go:

  • The Bronze package is a Constellation package.
  • The Silver Package is suitable if you don’t feel the need for a coaching route, but can use some back up support.
  • The Gold Package gives you an action plan and support with the initial steps to achieve your desired result.
  • Do you want full support for half a year to reach your set goal? Choose for Diamond.

Karen had very helpful ways to help me to categorize the hurdles I had in front of me, and to put them in perspective. This not only gave me confidence, but allowed me to conquer aspects of the process in a more logical and active way. I was able to move forward with planning and organizing after this.’ 

The coaching has helped me to feel the relationship between my self-esteem and expectations. In addition, I felt that I had finally found someone who understood me. I think that the sessions are very nice and I had a good experience with them. I learned to get closer to my feelings and myself.

Who is OF WOOD?

Karen van Hout, Coach/Counsellor and Trainer, is the founder of OF WOOD:

Who am I to tell and teach you to be the director of your own life? Living the life you desire? Well, I ‘have been there, done that’.

I became the director in my own life story, leaving parts of the script untouched when I thought it was good and rewrote it where needed. Mould it into a form that serves me best. The knowledge I gained during this journey is my gift to you.

So through my own experience I’m convinced that every person is capable of being the director of his of her own life and can learn to take and stay in control. The words ‘can’t’ and ‘impossible’ aren’t in my vocabulary. There is always a way to be found.

In my professional past I fulfilled operational, therapeutic, coaching and managerial roles in healthcare and the financial sector.

Working systemically is my love at first sight and source of direction in the coaching field. Systemic work is innovative, focused, effective and solution-oriented. It takes relatively little time to achieve the desired results and perceived as very enjoyable. A second field of work is ‘communication’. Besides the regular communication skills I’m fascinated by the similarities en differences between male and female ways of communicating.

What’s unique to my approach?

Working systemically is my love at first sight and source of direction in the coaching field, which I love to share with you. To give you the opportunity to gain the needed insight to have or take back your own life as director and to keep it that way.

Systemic work is innovative, focused, effective and solution-oriented. It takes relatively little time to achieve the desired results and perceived as very pleasant. A second field of work is ‘communication’. Besides the regular communication skills I’m fascinated by the similarities en differences between male and female ways of communicating.

This combination will bring you that desired promotion, build better negotiation skills, guard your limits, build an even better relationship with or within your team, create a balance between work and private life that fits you, get rid of the guilt and shame, better understand your colleagues, etc.

Karen has a beautiful gift to let someone watch from a distance to themselves and / or their organization..As a coach she guides you in a non-coercive way to critically deal with your questions and challenges. Through her strong intuition she knows exactly how to clarify what it is where you and/or your organisation are running against and how you can work towards a solution on your own power towards balance and performance. In our collaboration as coaches I know Karen as a thorough, not afraid of constructive confrontation, and always hungry for new knowledge and techniques. With her specific systemic approach she is capable of providing you insight to the dynamic of interactions, in which you are as person or team. Starting from your own place in that system, she succeeds together with her clients to surpass the ratio and go from the core of the issue to work towards lasting results.


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