OF WOOD Sarl-S was established in 2011 as a Luxembourg company.

In 2014 part of the company’s activity was relocated to Woerden in The Netherlands. Since then OF WOOD has been active in the two mentioned countries. In 2017 the company’s office returned back to Luxembourg.

  OF WOOD is member of EMCC Luxembourg and ICF Luxembourg

Which of the following resonates with you:

*You would like to see your female professionals easily unleash their full potential, enabling your company to benefit fully from their talents and best performance.
*You aim for a (diverse)team with improving team- and therefore organisational results.
*You would like to lead your team with less stress and more sustainable success.
*You are a female professional, passionate about what you do and you want to be (more) successful, take on or improve your (leadership) capabilities.
*You are an entrepreneur with a growing company. You feel stuck and know it is time to regain overview so you know what exactly is going on. Knowing what is important, knowing what to do next.

As an experienced systemic academic certified coach / counsellor and trainer I, Karen van Hout, am happy to be at your and/or your team service.

About Karen van Hout:

A ‘Human-System Analyst’ with a fascination for our most powerful asset, the Brain. Respectful, inventive and goal oriented with compassion for you and passion for the profession. Founder of OF WOOD SarlS and Co founder of the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group for Business and Leadership in Luxembourg.

Through my own experiences, I am convinced that every individual is capable of being the director of his of her own life and can learn ( or continue )  to take and stay in control.

I have ‘been there, done that’. I became the director in my own life story, leaving parts of the scripts untouched when I thought it was good and rewrote it where needed=>  mould it into a form that serves me best. With the result I live the life I aimed for. Both private and carrier-wise.

The words ‘cannot’ and ‘impossible’ are not part of my vocabulary. There is always a way out. If I can do it, that certainly can you. The knowledge I gained during my own journey is my gift to you.

In my professional past I fulfilled operational, therapeutic, coaching and managerial roles in healthcare and the financial sector. I mainly work with Growing companies, Rising female professionals and their teams. ( In-Company and Private)

The Systemic Approach:

After working in healthcare and the financial world I rediscovered coaching, counselling and training in 2011. I started to gaining knowledge and followed training in this area of expertise. Everything I’ve ever done and learned contributes to how I go about my current work. It’s who I am.

Working systemically is my love at first sight and source of direction in the coaching field, which I love to share with you, to give you the opportunity to gain the necessary insight to have or take back your own life as director and to keep it that way.

Systemic work is innovative, focused, effective and solution-oriented. It takes relatively little time to achieve the desired results and perceived as very enjoyable.

Systems-thinking goes beyond the obvious

OF WOOD offers:

=> 1:1 coaching, counselling and training
=> Team coaching and training
=> In- Company training
=> Workshops, Masterclasses
=> Systemic Neuroscience coaching, consulting and training for business and leadership.

Aspects of you, your team or company OF WOOD addresses:

  • HR management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Personal coaching and training
  • Personal counselling
  • Emotional Mastery and mindset training
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership development
  • Organisation development
  • Emotional Intelligence and stress management
  • Masterclasses: Everything is Possible
  • Success Retreats ( for companies): Systemic Neuroscience Mastermind for entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Leading from within; workshops, speaking, training and programs


  • Founder of ‘OF WOOD for Girls’. ‘OF WOOD for Girls’ offers free coaching, counselling and mentoring services to (teenage)girls up to 18 year of age.
  • Co-Founder of ‘Systemic Neuroscience Coaching, Consulting and Training for Business and Leadership in Luxembourg’
  • Co author of the coaching book: How to Survive the Turkey– and other family gatherings.
  • Member of the Amcham (Luxembourg) Entrepreneur Committee

Take the opportunity to discover your own story.
To leave it as is where it’s approved by you, to rewrite where needed.
To have the results you desire.

Are you curious how other clients think about their collaboration with OF WOOD?
Please feel free to read about their experiences.

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